New Profile Posts

  1. GeneralX
    Locked and loaded
  2. Blood_Hellion
    Blood_Hellion ChilaKiller
    Can you unban me please?
  3. Str8Rippin
    Tekno MW3 name: Skewby_Dew
  4. MichaelGag
  5. Reaper Crew
    Reaper Crew panos
    Hey, Panos)
    Can u res Inf Clasic server? Tnx
  6. Ajameslot
  7. lkjnwua1
  8. Robertdougs
  9. Ajameslot
  10. Ajameslot
  11. panos
    ok u are totally retard..
  12. ~CalmDownBoy~
    ~CalmDownBoy~ panos
    yeah u have it or not?
  13. panos
    u mean i have script health or what?
  14. ~CalmDownBoy~
    ~CalmDownBoy~ panos
    u use drug , u dont know about script health on HOD??
  15. lkjnwua1
  16. ~CalmDownBoy~
    ~CalmDownBoy~ panos
    hi , i need health on HUD , can u give me??
    1. panos
      wtf u are saying dude.cut the drugs
      Jan 8, 2018
  17. MichaelGag
  18. Danielchozy
  19. Mariapruff
  20. Mariapruff
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