Unbanned Deva's Unban Request

Discussion in 'Unban Request' started by DevaXF, Aug 17, 2019.

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  1. DevaXF

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    Name & all names used in past:DevaXF

    Time and Date of ban:16/7/19 - i am not aware of what time it was

    Server Name that he was banned on:TotalKillaz TDM

    Admin Name: (Leave it unknown if you don't know)

    Error Message: (what happens when u try to connect to our servers?)Oops,perm-banned

    Must have DEMO of the game:No need for a demo , please read below for my actions.
    (Click here to get a tool to find the demo easier or please read this topic)

    IP Address:

    Personal explanations:I was playing on the TDM servers and my poor decisions led me to install a cheat ( .dll )
    and i'm kicking myself now due to getting banned since i did like that server very greatly and i decided to ruin it for myself and others , i'm just asking for a staff member to consider what i'm saying and give me another chance to join back onto the server , i have already uninstalled the cheats. You're probably thinking well you're just going to reinstall them and cheat again however i need you to have a bit of confidence that i will not cheat again , i risked it once and got banned im not going to do it again. ( haven't slept for 1½ days so please if i make any mistakes during this post please let me know.Thank you for reading this and i beg for you to give me another chance , sincerely
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  2. Th3_Hunt3r

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    Your honesty led you to an unban. Also dont look up on cheaters they'll sooner or later be cleared thats what happens with every single one of them. Play fair , report cheaters , be active on our discord and happy things will happen.
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