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Discussion in 'TeknoMW3 Clan apply' started by igapar, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. igapar

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    In-Game Name: igapar

    Real Name: Ivan

    Age: (must be 16 or above to join) 19

    Country: Croatia

    In-Game Ping: 70-90


    Can or would you donate to TK to help us with the Services?: if needed

    Will you respect and follow forum/server/clan rules?: yes

    Will you be active on the forums and game server?: yes

    Were you in other clan before: Yes/No (if yes explain why you left) GS,EZ,i7... i7-fell apartGS-i lost intrest in promod,EZ-it wasnt what it used to be

    Do you have any gaming experience and what games do you play?: (CoD, BF, CS, etc...)
    this game only
    Do you have any forum/community experience?:
    not much
    Why do you want to join TK?:
    cuz of lack of admin activity on the infected server which i play way too much on,sick of hackers and rule breakers while no admins

    Steam Profile (*): igapar

    Did you already joined our Steam group (**): Yes/No yes

    Did you already joined our Discord server (***): Yes/No yes

    Please provide your profiles for other games platforms if any: (Origin, Uplay, ...) none
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  2. Sangha

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    Can't really vote as I haven't played in a while but I haven't really seen ur name in infected before.
  3. Reaper Crew

    Reaper Crew Active User Registered

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    I know, I'm not an admin on TK servers. But still you should know. Was ban this guy many times for insulting other players. Insults everyone and for no reason. And hes still insulting players everyone on TK servers. And hes like break the rules)
    If need proofs - I can give xD
  4. DonGas

    DonGas New User Registered

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    Hi igapar, I can say that I saw you few times on TK servers. But still I can't say "Yes" or "No". If Reaper Crew is telling the truth about rule braking and insulting other players on the servers then I will give my final and last answer to your clan application "No". Now be patient, we will answer you when we decide about your app!

    Insulting other players, speaking balcan language on the server---swearing on Croatian language + using different name just soo you not get banned. I got the proof of you doing that and its good enough for me to give you my final answer. You got -1 from me!
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