Discussion in 'Complaints' started by yashin2k07, Mar 18, 2018.

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  1. yashin2k07

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    Guys this moron always kicking me for no reason, today we were playing in resistance and i made a statement about people having high fps and thinks their badass.
    stackerofshit responded by telling me to shut up and dont be mad if you are poor.
    Later in that match stacker lunge out of map so i told him about it, and he probably suicided idk. But after 13 killss!!!!!....
    all i said is you should not be admin and he kicked me saying stfu.
    This is not the first time stacker kicked me like that, he always kicks me saying stfu.
  2. +Qian28+

    +Qian28+ Grand Administrator Staff Member

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    if you can give me the demo of that game it would be great
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