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  • Can someone unban me i posted 3 days ago and got no answer
    p.s. Κάνε κάτι ρε φίλε θέλω να παίξω
    Yes, I cant join to game.
    I whrite to Napaster:
    I have a demo file. In demo video I write - I am press !s - when I be last player.
    When I be last - I press !suicide. I dont see your name in players, realy!
    And after you whrite Ok and Ban me!
    How u see this demo?
    Hi Panos .I posted an unban 1 month ago and you anserd

    "hmm,,ok....maybe,,,benjah said no but,,,will see....but 10 days for sure u will not be able play to tk servers..."

    I still cant play I hope You still think the same way and unban me

    thanks if you do :)

    (sorry for bad english)
    delete stats file form dw foldrer of your game.all stats filestats ..and try to connect after this,i unbaned u.delete all files ending by .stat)
    what do I do now? plz help I dont know what to do
    Hi Panos. I posted an unban request ( for getting 4 consecutive headshots ) with a demo. But nobody seems to be interested to unban / reply . I am unable to join any server due to that ban . Please check & unban me if possible. Thanks
    HI, so I recently prestiged on mw3, played on your TDM server and then suddenly I got perma banned for nothing o_O is there any chance for unbanning me? :) if so, let me know what info you need from me :)
    make unban post with the demo from your last game
    thats not possible with the demo :/ it happend like 1 month ago, then I moved onto another server just to play for fun, but I miss that old classic map rotation instead of playing 1 map for 24/7 :/

    EDIT * I reinstalled the game, so I dont think I have the demo from that day

    EDIT 2 * Made a new thread, hope it will be resloved soon :)
    Why are you banned me on MW3 server, I never use cheats or hacks or something like that, I cant believe how people can be frustrated when somebody is good at game. You never look at how somebody is playing you just banned good gamers, if thats your criterion for banning somebody, you can easily banned most of the players in that server.
    Pano boris na me boithisis se ena problima p exw m leei auto otan beno sto server inf classic "1005 Invalid Connection Try Using TeknoMW3 Files" meriki lene ine epidi bgenis kanis rage quit egw dn kano rage quit aplos prepi na figo kseris boris na me boithisis?
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