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In Game Name: ✪Vαηєѕѕα *\n\nReal Name: Vanessa Ahni de Clark\n\nAge: I'm 20 Years old\n\nCountry: I am from France but I can talk 8 Languages\n\nCan or would you donate to TK to help us with the Services?: Yea, why not. Im always open for it.\n\nWill you respect and follow forum/server/clan rules?: Of Course i'll.\n\nWill you be active on the forums and game server?: I'm always active on your Forum and your Surf Server in CS;GO! I'm trying to Invite so much Friends I can to get the Server full... :p\n\nWere you in other clan before: Yes, I was and I was Close to Play for SK-Gaming and EPSILION (not sure if you know them) I just left, because the most started trolling or just closed for some Reasons!\n\nDo you have any gaming experience and what games do you play?: I got "many" Experience in CS;GO. I know the most Admin commands, know to handle it, and i always ask, If anyone Need help on the Surf Server. The most experience I got in CS;GO (Main Game) I'm actually Global Elite, playing since 2-3 Years.\n\nWould you like to play with the rest of the crew,competitively: Of Course, i'm always open to Play with anyone\n\nDo you have any forum/community experience?: Kinda, yes, I'm active in some Gaming Forums, but I never were Admin or Mod what ever.\n\nWhy do you want to get Admin?: I want to get Admin, because i like to Help People (okay I can do it without admin aswell... lel.. Logic on Point) but sometimes there are some " Kids " and they Think there are the Biggest one. Just to Mute / Kick / Ban anyone if they disregard the Server Rules.\n\nBest Regards\nVanessa


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Well, honestly i didn't see CS apply in a long time!\n\nI think we shouldn't pass any opportunity to get new members in CS, especially someone experienced.\nAlso i think we should have active admin in it too keep servers good and enjoyable, and from your apply i would recommend you.\nWould be great if our CS community get active again.\n\nGood Luck with your apply @Vanessa its +1 from me.


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Welcome to the clan @Vanessa \nAs I already answered you,we're looking for active players/admins for the surf servers and our CS:GO community in general.We'll be glad to processed your application as soon as it's possible,however it might take some time because at this moment we're experiencing problems with the game servers which are priority for us at the moment.\nWe're sorry for the waiting,member of the team will contact you for more info,once everything is fixed.
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