!!!⚠️️!!! ERROR MESSAGE: You've been refused!

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There has been an excessive amount of unban requests posted related to a common issue.\nIf you are seeing this message whilst being kicked out of our servers,

or along the lines of "Try removing hacks", then follow this thread before wasting everybody's time with an unban request.
You have not been banned. This is a simple problem relating to your game files. Make sure you have no space in name, title or clan tag. No special characters and does not exceed character length.
Method 1: For a simple fix, delete the teknogods.ini file in your MW3 file directory. This is the file highlighted below:

Run the game and it will automatically create a new copy and your problem should be solved. Now with this method, i think it will always reset your ranks + achievements + class etc.
Method 2: Open the teknogods.ini file and revert any changes you have made. If you have recently added a new clan tag or clan title, this could be causing the issue, even a new name. Run the game and join our servers to see if the issue persists.
Also, ensure your clan title is at an appropriate length, or the clan tag characters doesnt exceed 4 characters. This could cause the issue or even make your game crash.
If none of these have worked for you, then it is definately your game files. They may be corrupt and need a clean reinstall, or you are genuinely using hacks. If you need further help, contact me or another member.
Not open for further replies.