Clan Apply Hy69ka


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In-Game Name: Hy69ka

Real Name: Alex

Discord tag : Hy69ka#7824

Age: 20

Country: Russia

In-Game Ping: ~100


Can or would you donate to TK to help us with the Services?: I want but I can't

Will you respect and follow forum/server/clan rules?: Yep

Will you be active on the forums and game server?: Yep

Were you in other clan before: In Warface clan. I was kicked because I stopped playing warface

Do you have any gaming experience and what games do you play?: I'm playing fps since 2009

Do you have any forum/community experience?:

Why do you want to join TK?: U guys have the best servers. I guess ur clan is also the best.


Steam Profile (*): smokie1211

Did you already joined our Steam group (**): No

Did you already joined our Discord server (***): Yes

Please provide your profiles for other games platforms if any:


Server Administrator
Hey @Hy69ka ,
I've noticed you are active player on our server, chat active in-game too, didn't noticed you breaking any rule, also being respectful towards other players.

So it will be +1 from me !

Let's wait for thoughts of other members and see how it goes .


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-1 from me due to lack of discord activity and due to that i dont play mw3 and have no idea who you are


Server Admin
Server Administrator
I haven't been in game server for personal reasons and haven't seen you in Discord either my response will be -1 wait for what other members vote.
Good luck!


Server Admin
Server Administrator
Hey there! Im glad to see that you came here on Totalkillaz forum with your clan application. Soo far, there is 2+ and 5- on your application, soon we will see if you are going to be accepted. But bevare, even if you got more +votes, you still can be rejected if there is a reason for rejection. I wont vote yet, but neither will I stay neutral. I need you to send me your whole demo folder (50 demos in folder) on discord in my pm. Don't worry, thats just a checkup. After you have done that, I will give my vote. Cheers and hear you soon =)

Due to lack of your response on our coments and vote's on your own clan app, and ofc lack of discord activity- I will leave my final vote without change of mind to
-1 . Usualy when someone want's to join a clan or some other group, if there is a forum... They check the post's from time to time. Cheers and good luck
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Ananth aka Benj

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Hello there, firstly congratulations on making a clan application. I have seen you on server on a regular basis and you are a good player ( or atleast thats what i believe) but i dont see any activity on discord. additionally, i do have some doubts regarding your temperament ( maybe its just me) and couple of times, i actually had an experience with you as well. So at this point i m more towards -1 but that being said i will change my opinion if im wrong or happen to see you are far better in both fronts. So good luck. the other points will be mentioned by other admins. Cheers


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Hey. I'm glad you want to join our clan. But I only see you for one month. I have not met you before. Maybe you played on other servers? Then why now you came to our servers and immediately wanted to join the clan? It seems to me that more time should pass in order to be in the clan. Maybe after some time I will say yes, but now -1.
Good luck in the game!