!!!⚠️️!!! MUST READ FORUM RULES before posting!

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Clan Adviser
Grand Administrator

Administrators and Global Moderators have full right to deny topics/posts that are:

  • Insulting towards anyone in any kind of way or form!
  • Crying and begging, especially on Unban Requests!
  • Spaming posts/topics
  • Advertisement of any kind!
What to do:
  • Be respective towards everyone, especially clan Members!
  • Reading Topics ''Read before...'' and providing exacly what they say!
  • Using Edit button if you forgot something to add!
  • Post in right sections, if you are confused ask members and admins!
Member/Admin Rules: Each member must log in once every 5 days, admins once every 3-4 days on the forum, and check recent posts/threads!
Clan Application: Read before posting a clan application
Unban Request: TeknoMW3 - Read before posting unban request
Not open for further replies.