!IMPORTANT! Read Before posting for Clan Application

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Users banned from our servers(any game) with denied unban request,are not eligible to join the clan.
2. Do not ask for promotion(server admin rank or above),If you insist on one your application will be denied.We keep and eye on you and your presence and behavior and when the time is right we will ask you if you want to be a server admin or more!
3. We demand respect to the rest of the members and user of the clan,its essential!
4. Abusive,racist or disruptive member will be suspended from their ranks and banned!
5. Respect all members and admins,server rules and forum rules or kick/ban will be issued!
6.Join our Official Steam Group so you can stay in touch with the admins if you have questions or problems/reports! Official TK steam group Accepted members will be invited to the Private CS:GO only Steam group!
Note:Accepted members will get privileges(VIP slots,immunity against kicks when the servers are full and more)across the Surf and any of the upcoming CS:GO servers.

Example on how your application should look like:
In Game Name:
Real Name: (optional)
Age: (must be 16 or above to join)
Can or would you donate to TK to help us with the Services?:
Will you respect and follow forum/server/clan rules?:
Will you be active on the forums and game server?:
Were you in other clan before: Yes/No (if yes explain why did you left)
Do you have any gaming experience and what games do you play?: (CoD, BF, CS, etc...)
Would you like to play with the rest of the crew,competitively:
Do you have any forum/community experience?:
Note:The only way to obtain administrator rights straight away for any of our servers without been accepted firstly as member and then proven to be worthy enough to join the administrators crew is the Donation option!
Warning:All of the server and forum rules applies to the donators with same strength!Breaking them in any way will lead to your suspension,regardless of your previous donation!Regaining the rights with new donation is not guaranteed and depend of the reason you got suspended,can and will be denied straight away!
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