!!!⚠️️!!! Read before Posting for Unban Request

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Unban request must have the following things:

Only respond after : no need to copy things from ()!

Name & all names used in past:

Time and Date of ban:

Server Name that he was banned on:

Admin Name: (Leave it unknown if you don't know)

Error Message: (what happens when u try to connect to our servers?)

Must have DEMO of the game:
(Click here to get a tool to find the demo easier or please read this topic)

IP Address:

Personal explanations:



  • Topic name should be: Your Name only!
  • Be nice on your topic and post and respective to admins and other members!
  • Staff team will respond as soon as possible be patient!
  • All unban request must be handled in proper section! (link below)
  • Demo of the game is essential, without it there is high doubt of unbaning!
  • Admin responsible of your ban will respond to your request as soon as possible!
  • DEMO file(s) can be send via link to secure upload site such as mediafire, sendspace, zippshare, etc... or as an attachment to the post, don't forget to compress (rar, zip) the files!
  • Click here to post your Unban Request (Create new topic by clicking on POST NEW THREAD).
Not open for further replies.