Unban, plz


New member
Name: K4rTo_Fel

Time and date of ban: 21 or 22 02.2021

Server name that you was banned on: Totalkillaz.ovh

Admin name: none

Error message: banned!

Demo: Missing
Personal explanation: In general, I went into prestige mode and on the server chose a standard set with Ump and me pops out the ban. Unfortunately the demo of the game has not survived since I decided that this is a problem I have on the computer. Could you unban me? If this happens again next time, the demo will be provided.


Staff member
Heyya good morning. Just wanna clarify couple of things. If, by any chance, you are using vpns, please do disbale it. It will automatically ban you. I will let you know the details once I confirm with the higher rank. Hopefully, this is a VPN ban